FREE! Families Are Forever Activity Book Download and NEWS About 2017 Primary Theme Series Books!

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This week you can get a FREE download of the Families Are Forever Activity Book. This book teaches about eternal families. It has activities geared toward Primary age children, and the whole family can enjoy it. It can also be used in sharing time, classes, and FHE!

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Exaltation Activity Book! FREE!

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I have a FREE download for you of the Exaltation Activity Book. This book teaches about how we reach exaltation. It was first written as a classroom activity book for the Sunday School course for 12 & 13-year-olds, and later converted into an activity book. It is, of course geared toward that age group, and adults will enjoy it as well. Enjoy!

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FREE Download! God’s Creations Activity Book!

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Good news all around today! I have a FREE download for you. This book is ideal for young children and teaches about the creation and our beautiful world. We all know teaching our children is one of our greatest callings on earth. I hope you like this book download.

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FREE: Letters & Numbers Activity Book!

This week I have a FREE download especially for parents and teachers of young children! This book can be used for Family Home Evening, classroom, sharing time, school, or home activities, and it’s totally FREE! Letters & Numbers Activity Book uses letters and numbers to teach gospel principles. I hope your children/students find it fun and entertaining, and you find it useful!

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