Closing Blog!

Sorry to my followers – I’m closing down this blog. I just don’t have the time any more to keep it up. The good news is, I’m not shutting it down completely. There will still be occasional posts, and the old posts will still be available.

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FREE! I’m a Latter-day Saint! Activity Book!

What does it mean to be a Latter-day Saint? Teach children how and why we are unique with this download!


I’m a Latter-day Saint! Activity Book!

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FREE! Two Downloads About the Scriptures!

Quick! Besides prayer, where should children be taught to look for answers to questions about the gospel? Answer: the scriptures.

So here are two downloads to help you teach children about the scriptures:

Gospel Word Games #2: Search the Scriptures
The Scriptures Are True Activity Book

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FREE Downloads About the Temple!

Here’s a way to teach children about the temple! I have two FREE downloads for you.

My Temple Activity Book
Gospel Games: The Temple Helps Me to Have an Eternal Family

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